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WSDC – World schools debating championships

The WUDC is the biggest High School debating competition in the world. It invites one representative debate team from every country every year and those teams will compete for the title of the World Schools debating champion. Each team has five members, and three of them will compete in a debate. This means that the members of the team will switch and not everyone will debate in every debate. This allows the young people the relax and enjoy the competition a bit, when they are able to watch debates and they do not need to speak in every debate.

The WSDC motions are different and from different backgrounds, but the organizers that will pick the motions try to find motions that cover all different knowledge leywes. Next to that the affairs from all around the world should be covered in the motions, because the debaters are from around the world and this should not be a harm or a benefit for anyone. The motions are in part prepared in the future, that means that the debaters know about the motion months in advance before the WSDC starts, and some of the debated motions are announced on the spot. That means that the debaters have an hour to prepare their speeches and organised their knowledge.