Extreme Tourism

Extreme Tourism

Extreme tourism or impact tourism is including a kind niche tourism clearance to the dangerous places (mountains, jungle, deserts, caves, etc.) or participation with into dangerous cases. Extreme tourism covering with extreme sport. The portion of two the main attraction, adrenaline attacks mostly caused by an element of the danger and differentiating in the degree of obligation and of Professionalismus.

Extreme tourism an increasing business has in the countries of the former Soviet Union (Russia, Ukraine, Armenien, etc.) and in the south American countries such as Peru, Chile and Argentina. Mountain and schroffe areas of north Pakistan also to a popular extreme tourism position developed.

During traditional tourism meaning investments in the hotels, roads, etc. required, extreme tourism requires many smaller jump-begins a business. Additionally to the traditional travel-created destinations different exotic attraction, like transfers in MiGs with 2,5 Mach, are suggested ice dipping in the white sea or journeys over the Chernobyl zone.

Adventure and extreme tourism, extreme sports, action culture have been recently gaining in popularity, helped by stabilization of political and economic processes in this country. Besides, business people, who face challenges on a daily basis in their commercial activities, see the extreme as an outlet for their energy, finding it an effective release from stress.

The demand for adventure and extreme tourism have given rise to numerous Web-based resources designed to make it easier for those who are interested in recreation in Russia and abroad to source information. Many Web sites pitch the adventure tourism as a way to study the history and culture of a country, or promote it as a healthy life-style.

There are a great many kinds of adventure tourism, the principal ones being mountain tourism, bicycle touring, jeep and car tours, horseback tourism, ski tourism, safari (jeep safari, snowmobile safari), water tourism, kayaking, rafting, canoeing, trekking, hiking, weekend tours.

An attempt to organize information on various types of adventure tourism may be useful to those who have not yet decided what type of the extreme they would find most congenial.