Freestyle Motocross Tricks

Freestyle Motocross Tricks

Tricks are the bread and butter of freestyle motocross riders. Basic freestyle motocross tricks include no footed can cans, heelclickers and nac nacs while more advanced do.

Freestyle Motocross Tricks: maneuvers range from saran wraps to kiss of deaths as well as backflips.

Moto tricks


Can Can: Takes one foot off footpeg and bring it over the seat so that both legs are on one side of the bike. For additional style points, land in the Can Can position.

Cliffhanger: While in the air, stands straight up and catch the underside of the handlebars with toes. Place hands above in the rollercoaster position.

Coffin and Lazy Boy: For the coffin, extend legs in front of bike below the handlebars and lie back on the seat as far as possible. For the lazy boy, release the handlebars and extend arms back over head.More points are scored the farther the arm and leg extension.

Dead Body: Place body over the front of the bike while holding the bars and keep entire body horizontal with the bike.

Double Grab: Grab the back of the motorcycle with both hands while extending the body off the back of the bike.

Fender Grab: Bend over the front of the handlebars and grab the fender with both hands. Score more points by placing helmet against the fender and pointing the bike straight up and down.

Hart Attack: Point both legs pointing straight up in the air while performing the superman.

Indian Air: Extends and cross legs during a trick in a scissor motion.

Kiss of Death: While in the air, position the bike as close to vertical as possible then kick legs up above head.

Nac Nac: While leaving the jump, whip the bike sideways, remove front leg and swing it around behind the bike to the other side. Look back for additional points.

No Footer: Remove both feet from pegs when landing.

Nothing: Remove both hands and feet when landing.

Rock Solid: Perform the Superman Seat Grab, release the seat and extend both arms away from the bike so that the bike is completely detached. Grab the seat and remount the bike after catching enough air.

Rodeo Air: Perform a heel clicker with one hand free while the other hand holds the cross bar. 

Stale Fish or Saran Wrap: Stick a leg through arms and bring the other leg out in front and on the outside of the arms.

Sterilizer: Execute a bar hop and leave legs extended over handlebars in front of the bike. Land while sitting on the bars and gas tanks.

Suicide Can: Lift one foot off the footpeg and raise leg up and over bike seat. While both legs are on one side of the bike, lift the other foot off the foot peg and extend both legs away from the bike. Remove both hands from handlebars.

Superman: Release both feet and kick them straight back.

Superman Seat Grab: Extend legs backwards with hands on grips. Release one hand and grab seat to increase distance of extension.

Surfer: Stand on seat of bike in a surfing position while holding on to handlebars.

Tsunami: Perform headstand in front to handlebars while keeping bike horizontal and level.