Golf is a sport, in which individual players or crews strike a ball into a drilling with different associations, and is also one of the few ball plays, which do not use a locally specified playing standard range. In the guidelines of the golf, like a ball with association of the branching soil is defined in the drilling by a Schlagmann or successive Schlagmnner in agreement with the guidelines playing.

The first play of the golf, for which recordings survive, at the Bruntsfield connections, in Edinburgh, was played Schottland, 1456, noted in archives Edinburgh citizen golf playing society, now the royal citizen golf playing society.

Each play of the golf is based on playing a number of drillings in a given order. A circulation usually consists of 18 drillings, which are played on behalf, which is determined by the course plan. On nine-drilling a course consists a standard circulation of two following each other nine-drilling circulation. A drilling of the golf exists to strike a ball of a T-fitting on the branching box (a marked range characterized for the first shot of a drilling, the T-fitting shot) and as soon as the ball comes to stand still, it again to fasten. This process is repeated, until the ball is in the bowl. As soon as the ball on the green is (a range of the finely cut grass) the ball (success along the soil) into the drilling is normally geputtet. The idea of standing still the ball in the drilling in as few notices as possible can by different dangers, how shelters and water dangers are obstructed.

Pinehurst Golf

Player (or into motorized trucks to drive) goes either individually or in groups from two, from three or from four, sometimes accompanied, over the course, from the transport supporting fixtures, which transport them advice and handle the equipment of the players and give. Each player plays a ball from the T-fitting to the drilling, except that in the mode of the play it designated Viererspiele, which compete two crews of two players, and whom members of each crew change shots with only one ball, until the ball is out perforated. If all individual players or crews got, a ball is in play, into which player is or in crew its ball of the drilling the furthest, near play. In some cases of crew a player can ask its ball of the drilling is further, its partner to play first. If all players of a group accomplished the drilling, the player or the crew with the best notch on this drilling has the honour, i.e., the right, to branch first on the following T-fitting away.

Each player serves as marking for another player in the group, i.e., note he or they the notch on a notch map. In the notice play (down see), the notch consists of the number the notices, which are played plus all possible taken punishment notices. Punishment notices are not really notices however points of punishment, which are added the notch for injuries by guidelines or by using discharge procedure.