Kayaking – splendourful traditions of the travel on turbulent water practiced by soot haven, which associations take first kayaking for the means of all switching of roaring rapids and of seething laughter under Wasserfällen. In this country the pursuit of the adrenalin catches approx. six months before the arrival fast verzierten on rivers on. Between November and April construct to learn alleged go kayakers flat out and to muscles rowers and exercising the rudders and develop for a special purpose abilities in a warm pool, like the Eskimorolle, the ability, to get the boat under your body back if it were gekentert by a violent river. The Bestimmungsörter for the white water, which is extensive, catches journeys is typical for a majority of associations up: the Altai, Karelia, the Caucasus, the Baikal region.

In any case ones near supervised, while they are by experienced coaches, handle whitewaterers, a quantity of area in a rather short area of the time to cover their ways which grow gradual more with difficulty, and them begin to think on an increasingly regular basis of borrowing multiplicity to their life. The alternative, which suggests itself then, is fast verzierten rivers of Italy, Germany, Norway, Turkey, Croatia and during the period of of Russia long winters – the Wasserarterien of Chile and of New Zealand. Of Russia rising demand for white water routes far offers of kayaking routes got.

The main advantage of the organized tourism surplus the journeys catch, which are promoted by the associations, are the choice, so that all interested people participate, to carry without having, extensive gear wheel and above all the boats. Meanwhile in the strange parts, the small light-colored boat is increasingly used for family clearance along coasts and on lakes, on eco ways, in order to watch out wilderness.

While the Kayaking fast verzierte down rivers a Eskortekatamaran or driving a car requires along the river, supply a loaded Kajak, which, the Seekajaks, is particularly intended for long self-supporting journeys ponderous, a probability, to visit the positions up to now which are unaffected by civilization: literally squeezes together through, where alternative transport examines practically impossible.

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