Kitesurfing, alias Drachensurfen, fly, the surfen and kiteboarding, refers also to use energy a kite in order to pull the passenger by the water on a small Surfbrett, one wakeboard or a kit board.

A uses more kitesurfer a board with the Fussbgeln or operation difficulties, combined with the energy of a large controllable kite to propel itself and the board over the water. However this simplicity forms also the Kitesurfing with difficulty. A body kitesurfers is the only connection between the kite and the board. The kite is steered into the sky, while the board on the water is steered.

The sport still is in its childhood, but grows fast in the popularity. 2006 are estimated the number kitesurfers around approximately 150,000 to 200,000.

The sport is because of the innovations in the kite Design, into security release systems and in the instruction werdenes safer. Many kinds of riding developed of corresponding over to different kinds of the passengers and conditions, like kind of trace, induce riding, the freestyle wavelike and to jump, and cross.

Other changes of using the kites for drive kite close the Landboarding, the Snowkiting, to propel the kite, which buggying is, the kite, which jumps and kites used, around Seekajaks also.