Rafts. Clearance on rafts won larger number of the surplus increasingly from enthusiasts each year. Rafts is an existing choice both for those, which never exercised a rudder, and old hand water tourists, for whom rafts the travel means along more difficult ways. Classical flowing travels down fast verzierte rivers on large inflatable frameless containers or rafts, which are swimming to a high degree, reliably, steadily to the water and adjustment for a group of tourists for the order places (6-12 persons). With the arrival of this kind of the ship, the travel is not down turbulent rivers any more a privilege of the water tourists, who took up themselves traditionally such risky selforganized journeys on Kanus and rafts.

The new years saw enormous fluctuation of the interest, on too would flow, therefore a majority rivers of Russia, usable for this kind of the active tourism, are used, in order to organize commercial flössende routes. Most navigable white water of rivers are not for rafts excluded into certain parts usable and if the water level is quite. Around a decision to on meet must whether one at a flössenden route, an alleged flössendes party member the complexity of the way evaluate participates. For example the routes, which are conceived for people without special training, do not refer switching of the obstacles strongly also in, which the category three, which, not freely from the prospect of of an extreme situation, represent which develops, not deadlier a danger than a fluctuation of the adrenalin in the bloodstream. Those, which, which find, are necessary it to use adrenalin in the larger quantities are offered special routes and even expeditions, but to decide, on such an adventure to embark itself, the travelers must have had normally quite many singles rafts of experiences on turbulent rivers under their belt. When descending the river, the tourists sit on the edges of the raft and the row with rudders under the monitoring of a teacher its presence on board the raft must for commercial flowing are. On direct ways the tourists are not requested to have preceding experience with the travel on water. The teacher will give simple instructions, regarding whose the direction to with rudders to follow, the crew members, who are expected, with them as near to consent, as possible. On more difficult ways the leaders are frequent pilots, who will keep by the clearance means.

The tourists can be gotten for the starting point of the route with the helicopter. This reduced not only the development time, to travel to involved only receive but in a number of marks of the cases also it possible to avoid some days on smooth water and in rafts on the most interesting section of the rivers from the criterion of a roof rafter. Independently of it the way complexity and – position must be serious each flössende member over the quality of the personal gear wheel and the quality and reliability of the containers. The raft Design (inflatable cushions mark, around to serve like foot remainders) must be thrown extra security for the tourists approximately over board to guarantee. Each traveler is also expected to carry personal security gear wheel like a life jacket and a crash helmet. Personal security guarantee, must each member of a overwater journey swims.

Rafts means exciting adventures, an emotional release, victory over the water element and over even to a certain extent; it means a tying of the travel members into one CLOSE-kneels crew of the gleichgesinnten people; which does not mean it, is a maintained Outing on water. It has its hardand-fast guidelines, to be followed must all the same which. It is, only by consenting with such requirements that that turned rafts of the box a safe, exciting recovery and pleasure gave a quantity.

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