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Ski Exercises Will Benefit Your Skiing Experience

Part of becoming a good skier is choosing the right ski exercises for getting prepared. Performing the right ski exercises will give you a much better chance of enjoying the full skiing season. Everybody knows that skiing can be quite demanding on the body. It uses almost every muscle you have. There are, however, specific muscles that get used more as you ski your way down the mountain.

When you focus on ski exercises that address and target these specific muscles, then you will see your form improve significantly. You will have more control, more power, and be safer in regard to injuries. All the top skiers workout and exercise on a regular basis.

Ski Jump – One great ski exercise that benefits everybody, is the ‘ski jump’. All skiing impacts the knees. From side to side motion to landing and squatting, the knees get a total workout. To perform a ski jump exercise, simply begin by putting your feet together and then bend at the knees, jumping to one side. Then reverse that and jump to the other side. Repeat this continuously while keeping the knees ‘soft’ during impact with the ground.

Leg Extensions – These are great for developing those quads. Any skier knows the importance of having strong thighs. You can use a machine to help you. Slowly lift up a padded bar using your legs. Next you slowly lower it back down. You DO NOT want to swing the legs. Always use ‘controlled movement’.

Lunges – Lunges are another great way to exercise and prepare for skiing. You can perform these at various angles and directions. You can use a platform or a step and even use weights. When you perform various lunge types you are working more of the muscles in the legs. This is a great benefit to you as you are skiing. A basic lunge is done by taking a large step forward with one of your legs, and then bend until your thigh is positioned nearly parallel to the floor. You do not want to bend so far that the knee is extended farther than the foot.

These are just two of the many different types of ski exercises you can do to prepare yourself to take on the powder and the mountain. Other types of exercises for skiers are leg curls, one-legged squats, and psychometric exercises. The important thing is to increase the overall success of your skiing experience, and stay healthy doing it. Ski exercises give you an edge.

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